Donation Transparency

Let your donors see where their money goes.

Admin Panel

An enterprise blockchain solution, used by donors to track how their money is spent.


There is a blockchain smart contract that is initially between Heifer and each of their donors but will be updated with each and every transaction that Heifer makes with donated funds. This information will be available to donors so that they are able to view how their money is being used. Donors will be able to filter to see their precise effect on the project.

Admin Panel

A web/app GUI will be easily accessible to make donations and view information, including an admin panel where projects can be added and edited. It can accept the more common varieties of crypto-currency and most common standard currencies. With each significant milestone in the project, the software will email donors with an update if they opt-into this system. Admins can use the admin panel to send emails on demand in the same fashion.

Donor View

Within the donor client, you can choose a project, view the description, see how much has been funded thus far, and donate your choice amount in your chosen currency. There is also a "Donation History" panel that allows donors to view their previous donations and open up the respective blockchain for each donation, showing them the use of their funds.


This project will increase the convenience of donations through the web app and increase donor trust through the smart contracts. Each of these will push toward further donor satisfaction and publicity, resulting in more donations.

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