Dynamic meal planning on a budget.

CheapEats App

A meal-planner with a focus on saving you as much time and money as possible.

Huge Recipe Collection

Using Edamam's massive recipe list, we offer just about any recipe you can think of. We have also embeded nutritional information for each recipe.

Dynamic Price Checking

For every item on your ingredient list, we check Walmart's pricing on the spot to see exactly how much every meal will cost you and allow you to budget accurately.

Meal Prepping

We've prepared a calendar that allows you to choose what meals you eat at specific times and days. This can be shared with family, too. On top of this, we are in the process of adding pre-built meal plans for a variety of diets, budgets, and tastes.

Next Steps

We are working with other grocery stores to embed each of their pricing into the app, so you can compare and see which store is the cheapest. We are also researching ways to allow for food pickup and delivery in supported areas.

  • Client:Personal Project
  • Date:Sep. 2018- Apr. 2019
  • Type:Application
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