Our Skills

Abilities You Can Count On

At <Copied/Code>, we believe in quality at every step of the development process.
Our team has experience from concept to implemetation, and we've proven to be more than capable.
Our skills allow us to confidently take on any project. What can we do for you?


Software Development

Need Software? We can build it.
Our team has extensive experience writing software in Java, C++, and Python.
Previous projects include:
Custom point of sale suite to interface with new restaurant hardware
Point of sale software for emerging markets
Stock trading AI

Web Development

Website Development

At <Copied/Code>, we make beautiful, optimized web pages.

We've worked with both local businesses and nationally recognized news organizations.
Through HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and industry standard design tools, we'll design the feature heavy webpage to your specifications!

We even have multiple graphic designers on our team, and can build any specialized graphics you may need.

Looking to track your website's performance?
We can interface analytics software with your website, set benchmarks, and track goals, making it easy to see how your business is performing.

Check out some of our previous work!

Application Development

Application Design

We have extensive experience developing applications for both iOS and Android.

Previous work includes:
Point of Sale Systems
Applications with Blockchain Technology
Nutrition and Meal Planning
Shopping with Dynamic Price Checking



With training in IBM Hyperledger, <Copied/Code> is working to specialize in enterprise blockchain development.

We've used Blockchain technology from developing applications, to international non-profits wanting a transparent, secure donation system.

If your business is interested in this emerging technology, <Copied/Code> has you covered.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Cut out the middle man! Let us take care of your website.
We'll make sure your domain is secure and your site runs smoothly.

Hitching your domain to a larger server adds to their already sustained load and can cause problems for your website. Our server is maintained locally and can handle numerous websites efficiently.

The best part is, if you ever have a problem we're one easy call away!

Search Enginge Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics

Looking for more search traffic?
Our team has proficiencies in SEO and analytics.

We can interface analytics software with your website, set benchmarks, and track goals, making it easy to see how your business is performing. We can help improve your page ranking, audit your sites, re-write your copy, and setup analytics and testing so you can see exactly what drives your traffic.


Cloud Computing, Automation, and IT Management

We do more than just development.
We are strong with cloud computing frameworks and can help move your infrastructure to the cloud or just manage what is already there.

Not only cloud, we can work with your servers, your inner infrastructure, or even your DNS to help manage and automate any processes you'd like.

We're local to Fayetteville and can provide fast work and easy support.