Our Team

Nic Coluccino
Chase Pareti
Ethan Brugger
April Walker
Benjamin Schaap
Pratik Vaidya
Dylan Williams
Katie Lamb


  • What kind of work do you do?

    Anything tech!

    We have a diverse team that can make any kind of software, app, or website that you and your team need. Additionally, we've done custom hardware solutions for some clients, along with web-hosting and IT management. Lastly, we have team members specializing in machine learning and blockchain development.

  • What frameworks and technologies do you use?

    For most projects, we prefer Javascript frameworks. Collectively, most of the team knows Javascript. For web, we like to use React frameworks or Angular. However, we are completely comfortable doing native HTML and CSS. Upon request, we can also do CMS work with Wordpress, Django, and Ghost.

    For mobile apps, we tend to use React Native and Flutter, but occasionally Xamarin. We do have staff proficient in Swift and Java, though, so we have no problem developing native apps.

    For desktop applications, our go-to is a React framework paired with Electron. For blockchain, we've worked with Ethereum, EOS, and Hyperledger. We use AWS and Firebase for all of cloud functionality.

    As a whole, our staff is proficient in these languages, sorted by number of proficient team members: Javascript, SQL, Python, HTML, CSS, Dart, C++, Java, C# (.NET), PHP, C, R, VHDL, ABAP

  • Do you accept subcontracting work?


    Most of our work comes from other development companies and we are happy to accept subcontract work.

  • Do you accept partially-completed work or perform edits or bugfixes on pre-made software?


    We are happy to hop on any project, even if we aren't the first team to touch it.